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Friday Fragments: Episode 5 or "10 Things I Learned While in Morocco"

 Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mommy's Idea

To learn more about Friday Fragments, visit Mrs. 4444's blog.

This edition of Friday Fragments (posted on Saturday) is bought to you by my trip to Morocco this past week. Before I get into it, I must say this: I've been on Spring Break. We get two weeks off, a much needed and well deserved break! The first week - this past week - a friend and I went to Marrakech, Morocco (LOVED it...details & pics later). The second week, my mom is here visiting. So yeah. Best. Spring Break. Ever.

And now, without further ado...


* The Arabic accent sprinkled with French accent = Très cool! And when a gorgeous Morcoccan man speaks with said accent...sexy!

* Moroccans are beautiful people. Especially the men. GORGEOUS men. Lots of candy for my eyes to behold. Beautiful brown skin...sexy accents...some with gorgeous eyes...yeah, I was in heaven. :D

* Berber scotch = YUM! I had MANY cups of this tasty drink and didn't even get drunk. I mean, it could be cos Berber scotch is really mint tea, but whatev. Semantics, right?

* Locals love it when you express in interest in their language. When we tried words in both Arabic & French, they got excited. And they were so helpful when we asked about words we didn't know. They liked that we at least tried.

* Just cos Morocco is an Arabic country doesn't mean all Moroccans are Muslims. They are diverse in their religions from Muslim, to Christians, to Jewish.

* English is like the 4th language of Morocco. They speak Berber, Arabic, and French. And, if they really wanna venture out, then they learn English.

* Must. Learn. French. Enough said.

* Brown skin is beautiful. I've always known this. I mean, I love my own skin color. But being in a country full of brown skin people who love their skin and don't try to change it...priceless. Different shades of brown. Loved it!

* Climbing a mountain in white pants may not exactly be the smartest thing to do. In my defense, when I woke up that morning and dressed, I didn't know that's what we were going to do. By the time we'd decided and paid for the trip, I didn't have time to change. So I hiked in white pants. They didn't get too dirty, surprisingly.

* I WILL visit Morocco again. I am in love with that country.

That's it, folks. A more detailed post will follow during the A to Z Blog challenge!


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